Become a Friend

If you have a concern and interest in helping others, and understand that by sharing in the work of Campden Rotary Club, you can support your local community.

Take a read of our statement of benefits and obligations below:

Statement of Benefits

An opportunity to work alongside experienced Rotarianson local projects that benefit local people.

To fulfil particular interests or use your experience and skills.

To flexibly apply the limited time you may have to give.

To have some fun whilst making a difference.

To be kept informed of Club activities with some opportunities to join in social events and Club meetings.

To have a letter of engagement acknowledging you are a ‘Friend’.


No membership fees are payable.

To review the Club’s activities and offer assistance where and when you can.

To promote the good name and works of Rotary.

If asked to explain what a ‘Friend is and how it differs from full membership.

Never to damage the reputation of the Club or Rotary.

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